World Sea Yachting

In one of the fastest developing segments of the leisure industry, WordSea Yachting proposes a new refreshing & rational alternative, both in terms of the offer to customers and in terms of project management.

WorldSea Yachting proposes to launch a fleet of mega-yachts, designed for a specific use.

We offer clients a bill of membership that entitles them to preferential access to any private mega-yacht of the fleet for a period of ten years, with a minimum of one week each year. Club members can enjoy carefully thought out theme holidays organized on and around the motor yachts basis.

The motor yachts, which in this start-up phase of the project are between 46 and 50 meters in length, can accommodate 12 guests. A 46m Explorer type of yachts, with ice-strengthened steel hull to sail up to most unspoiled locations, and a 50m Sun Bay type of yachts, with aluminum hull, swimming pool, all cabins with direct balcony access to the sea, are our first two standards. The active interaction between WSY and its Club members will define the optimal basis of our future operations. Sailing yachts and eventually Fast Amphibious Crafts are within the possibilities.


WorldSea - Challenger/Voyager

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